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At Home Care Services

At Home Care Services in Henderson, NC

Helping seniors in Henderson and the surrounding areas engage in social activities through our comprehensive at home care services

At Home Care Services – Socialization

Any personal care or companion care strategy must include a plan social interaction and care. Regular social interaction among seniors has been shown to provide a variety of potential health benefits. Social  engagement may help to improve memory, slow cognitive decline, reduce the risk of anxiety or depression, and reduce stress. As part of our at home care services, At Home Eldercare of Henderson can work with you to ensure the social well-being of you or a loved one receives whatever support is needed.

There are several options for socialization with our at home care services. Our care team can provide regular check-ins, engage with you or your loved one in regular activities (such as walks or simply being present in the home), assist in connecting on social media and other technologies, and even provide transportation to other social events in the community.

Henderson seniors have numerous opportunities to engage in local social activities and events. The Raleigh Total Life Center offers sports, arts and crafts, games, and more. The Cary Senior Center offers various fitness classes, clubs, volunteer activities, and many other events. You will have every opportunity to be as active as you would like to be.

Technology also provides numerous opportunities for socialization. Senior citizens are increasingly using smartphones and the internet, allowing them to interact in more technologically advanced ways. Platforms and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, and others allow people to remain in contact with family and friends who live far away. Our caregivers are ready to help our clients by providing basic technical support and connecting them through technology. They can help you set up social media accounts, send emails, connect via video chat, and other similar services.

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We at At Home Eldercare believe that caregiving is more than just meeting our clients’ physical needs. Our at-home care services prioritize social support and care so that you can thrive in the comfort of your own home.